My ideal morning

My ideal morning starts at in the region of 7-9. I would be grateful if the sun was shining and the sunshine will spread in rays in my room. But even if there is not so idyllic, you can make your morning fabulous.

First, wake up with a conviction that you will start the best morning possible. Disdain every electronic device, don’t even touch them. You can spare some minutes lying in bed  meditating or thinking – it should be plasant for you. Wake up earlier to have more time so that you don’t need to husten.

Take a pleasant shower – being fresh is so comforting in the morning. If mini spa gives you complacency, give it a go: moisturising your skin with some body lotions, shaving or painting your nails. Choose your best clothes and make a nice hairstyle.

Prepare the tasties breakfast  – you can find some recipes the day before. Relish your meal, try not to whine for sweets. Drink your tee with a rapt concentration. Make a ceremony out of it and cultivate patience. Don’t reach out for your phone yet. You had better read the book, poems or articles which can inspire you for the rest of your day.

Don’t forget to make your bed!

Implement lazy mornings – it, indisputably, benefits: gives you clear mind, more time for frivolities, reduces stress during hectic mornings. I guarantee that this time of a day will be your favourite one. You will bubble over with exhilaration.


What women like in men?

I believe there are some evolutionary tendencies towards specific kind of men who are attractive for most of women. This is because we all are the subject to the laws of nature (we were directly connected with nature for over 90% of our time on Earth), even if we have been living in developed countries for many years.

A good appearance is important to arouse a woman sexually, but it is not so important when it comes to choosing the partner for the rest of your life. And, only a good loking man is nothing special for a woman without her knowing a thing about his personal traits. It sounds complicated, but the long and short of it is that: good-looking man – a compelling hope, but nothing yet, he is not attractive until she discovers his great behaviour of beau (if she doesn’t discover, he is no more attractive), only an amazing character – a woman could be yours, it depends on the degree of her tolerance and fascination about your inside (so, boys concerned about your badly-built body, the appearance is at a discount here) , the a character and appearance – a real combo, a woman is in love with you (But! There is a snag. It doesn’t mean that she wants to be with you. Sometimes she falls in love with a bastard and cannot help it despite her effort).

Women usually prefer men older than them. Why is that? Because they know that these men are more experienced and mature.

Women like when man has his own passion and devotes to it. It is even better, when a men achieves successed on this field. Women think that they can manage without them and still feel good – that is a reason they are eager to get to know that men.

It is important how much money her intended earns. It is more attractive when a man achieved everything himself, inheritance is not as exciting as independance. That is not just a women’s vanity, but desire to have a resourceful man who manages in life.

Man should be resourceful in every situation, women feel safe while standing by the side of a man who knows what to do (or at least just pretending and trying ;)).

What could be suprising is that man in the surrounding of women seems to be more exciting. According to the rule that the majority knows better. If a man is attractive for other women, it makes a woman not only jealous but also willing to obtain her goal, to be the best to be chosen.

Women yearn for a man who is principled and even unpleasant for people who deserve it (maybe they see testosteron and courage). Even if they officialy are not behind such an impolite behaviour, something attracts them to these firm men. There is one rule dealing with it: a man can be a bad guy for the others, but never for her.

Sense of homour and ability of maintaining a healthy distance from himself is very appealing.That indicates that a man has high self-esteem and knows his value. If he doesn’t and is unsure, women could be more.

Easy-going attitude is valuable during ordinary day, but as for kissing and further staff, it is not exciting. There is no place for coarse jokes, because women treat sex very seriously and erotically (there could be an exception to every rule, depending on the relationship). Be slower than you think you have to be and women will love you (they will think you are more mature and not self-centered).

Appearance is not insignificant. A man should be taller than women. Prominent muscles and pecs are like antlers in the animal world. The clothing is as important as man’s natural body built. All additives like watches, sunglasses etc. make a man more spruce.

Healthy lifestyle like working out and diet is significant – that is because all women would like to have an athletic, strong, well-built and healthy man. That is just spell-bindingly handsome.

Having morals and principles. Women like chivalry and well nurtured men so it is nothing bad when you let a girl walk out before you.

Man. There are very strict and difficult rules above. This is just that women like and desire. But don’t worry – you do not have to complete everything. Sometimes just one trait could be an effective decoy. Find your forte and try it out.

Women. Do you agree? Do you think that some more important traits exist?


It is so strange that women fall in love with bastards, but it is inevitable.

My favorite ways of learing English. 10 tips.

I know that consistency and laborious learning by heart could be not only exhausting but also effective. I won’t be writing about common ways of learing language involving enrolling on the course, learning from books and all that boring staff.

I recommend it (it gave me basis and knowledge), but that is not a thing I would like to write about, because I believe that when you like what you are doing, you don’t need motivation then, the whole process goes quickly and smoothly. When you force yourself to swot vocabulary it is the most harmful thing you could do for youself. For example, I was doodling each word on the paper many times. After some time all words will begin to slip away. In amongst many ways and means of learning the language, you have many opportunities. Which is most effective? As I see it, that one which makes you eager, not reluctant.

There are my favourite methods of learning English. Just fun, not a tirying job to do.

  1. Watching cartoons and Disney-Pixar animations in English with English subtitles. I prefer to watch movies for children, because they are easier to understand. There is no adult-talk, which without understanding, is a burden. I recommend Subsmovies website for that purpose. There is more fun to learn some sentences by heart, because they actually have a meaning in the context.
  2. I like using website. You write a word or phrase and it gives you many scenes from tv series and movies with this word. Check it out now. It is real fun!
  3. I like talking with others in English. It is connecting fun with learning, because simultaneously I learn how to be fluent and talk on different topics.
  4. I read books in English. They are two ways of doing it. First is to read an English book and write down (or highlight) words you don’t know. You can also note down the senstence with the word. Second method is more expensive, albeit a the best one. Buy a special book, adjusted to your level, written in English, but with translation of the most difficult words and exercises. I really like that method, becuase it provides me with the most common words and phrases. The exercises enable me to comprehend the vocabulary in more interesting way than just cramming. Typical book and exercise book is a marriage made in heaven.
  5. I write my own notes on this blog in English. I write about things I want and use words I would like to learn  – I use them in the sentences and in the certain meaning.
  6. I don’t like listening radio in English, but I do like listening BBC podcasts. Why? Because they re specially adjusted to English learners and are full of interesting curiosities. 6 minutes English is my favourite.
  7. Read funny stories. I developed a taste for isel website – full of them.
  8. When I was younger, I used an exercise book to learn, but I was pretending I am a teacher. I really like doing that kind of books, when I can make colourful notes. But it is very important to use only one book at the same time. One, but from cover to cover.
  9. Lately I discovered the geniality of bought flashcards. They are solidly made and contain useful phrases. Sentences, additional mp3 records and quiz-form is what I like the most.
  10. If you want to gain knowledge, there is no other option than interacting with English all the time. Think in English, talk to yourself in English, change your environment to English if possible (switch language on your mobile and computer).

Do you have any suggestions and methods ideal for you? Let me know!

Untypical customs in my family

Every family has its unique habits which is not aware of, because considers it normal. As far as our customs  are concerned, they aren’t someting extraordinary, but little habits we got used to.

For example, we always inform other family members where we go out and for how long. Some people might say that it is meddling in one’s personal life, but this knowledge is inwardly soothing.

Everything  at house should be meticulously clean. It is because of my mother  love to purity.

We eat almost every meal together if only it is possible. It is commonplace to see us all eating at the same table at once. It is part and parcel of our family life because this time is solemn and only for building family relationships.

We would watch films almost every evening together. Now we do it from time to time due to lack of time – I have more duties.

We are not prim and proper. Instead, we honestly put our messages across. 

We are used to taking care of a small animal which doesn’t demand so much care. It is usually a guina pig or a cat.

We always make our beds in the morning.

My mum always cooks a cake or biscuits on the weekend.

What are your habits? Let me know.

My health mission


I wasn’t aware of the consequences of bad diet and lack of sport when I was a child. I don’t want to say I was lying on the sofa and eating hamburgers all the time. No, I was monkeying around, playing with other children and drinking compote made by my grandma. I just wasn’t aware of that issue at all – I was not bothered about it.

Food that I had been eating was, somehow, unconnected with me, it went to different stomach – out of me. Eating, as I saw it, had it end in the mouth cavity. „Food builts your body”? It sounded absurdly.

When I grew up and read some more books, I discovered that it actually matters and directly affect my body, health and future problems. I started to spend more time in front of computer screen and at my desk, learning for school, so my work out suffered. In the course of time my habits exacerbated and I was difficult to do away with them.

I decided to face up to „helath issue” and started working out regullary for the whole year. But it was two years ago, so my mission demands starting from scratch. I divided it into a few sections concerning diffrent parts of my life.


  1. Running at least 3 times a week for at least half an hour.
  2. Work out at home or go swimming one time a week.
  3. Yoga one time a week.
  4. Dancing from time to time.
  5. Sit straight.
  6. At least 7 hours of sleep.
  7. 20 minutes naps a day – sometimes.

Eating healthy

  1. Avoid sweets (only dark chocolate is allowed).
  2. Read carefully labels on food products.
  3. Eat fish.
  4. Drink two litres water a day.
  5. Avoid eating crisps, sugar, fastfoods, processed food.
  6. Eat fruit, vegetables and grits.
  7. Less carbohydrates; substitute pasta for wholemeal produce.
  8. Avoid hydrogenated fats in products.
  9. Buy linseed oil and add it to different dishes.
  10. Eat nuts and seeds.
  11. Eat five meals a day in reagular intervals.
  12. Drink white tea and rockrose, because it is good for eveything.

Peace of mind

  1. Doing one thing at once.
  2. Meditate in the evening – 10 minutes.
  3. Slow mornings. Eating my breakfast slowly.
  4. Don’t stress. Rest and relax.
  5. Smile and think positively.


  1. Healthy skin: coconut oil, green tea, a carrot, a celery, dark chocolate, water with a lemon, a red pepper, red grapes, put sunscreen on it.

I want to stick to my plan.

Best way to paint your nails

I don’t like garishly coloured nails, because I think they are a little bit kitschy, especially, when they are on long nails with peaked tips. Rarely have I painted my nails at all because of school restrictions. But now, during holidays, I can try out different colours and nail enamels.

I also learned about the easiest and the cleaniest technique of painting them. All you have to do is to put the liquid on your nail with up to three brushstrokes. The second trick, worth recommendation, is to put only a thin layer of nail polish. It is very important, because while the first coat of paint dries up, you can put another one without being scared of eternal waiting. When you put thick layers in succession, you will wait very long until the deepest layer will dry out. Another helpful advice I was given is to put your half-dried nails into cold water which results in immidiate drying of nail polish. And never, never and never do anything with your hands after painting your nails. Why? Because it is often deceiving when you surmise your polish dried out, but in fact it still not. Who wants a scarred pattern on your nail.

I usually got annoyed because as soon as I painted my nails, the polish was damaged on the next day. My nails looked so unprofessionally made in comparison with hybrid nails. To avoid that problem, start using top coat. Your nails are then more durable, glittering and look just… much better.

I have to refute the theory which says that expensive nail enamels are the best. There is a grain of truth in it, but they are also some important issues you have to bring your attention to while buying a nail polish. Firstly, before buing anything browse internet looking for opinions about the product. Secondly, choose a polish with a wide brush, because it is easier to paint with it. The less moves you do with the brush, the better effect you achive.